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Ink-redible Beauty .....

Well, it might not be everybodys cup of tea but personally (and for a lot of other people too), there's simply nothing as sexy as a tattooed lady. I don't mean one with "Hubbies name" tattooed on her upper arm or just a butterfly or unicorn with their kids name - i'm talkin big stuff here.

I.e. A lady who has obviously taken time, money and effort in getting their ink done by a decent artist and to their own spec. There seems to be a growing trend for women to get bigger and bolder tattoos these days. Maybe it's just more mainstream, more acepted or just that more women are prepared to say "F*@& it", ignore societies' stereotypification and just get the ink done that they really want. That's something to admire and done well, it's as sexy as hell to behold.

Whilst a lot of the traditionally-favoured Ladies Tattoos will never be outdated and its almost a certainty that names of children and feminine styles (such as fairies, butterflies and dolphins) will never really go out of fashion, it has to be said that a great custom piece of work can be just as beautiful and feminine as the prettiest of simple rose or butterfly.

Indeed, as celebrities adorn bigger and better Tattoos (such as Angelina Jolie) and almost every Beauty seems to have some Ink, it's no wonder that rivalry and competition is starting to filter in through the feminine enthusiasts. The best pieces of advise for any ladies thinking of getting inked, has to be, take your time choosing what you want, pick your artist carefully and don't be persuaded into not getting what you want.

Finding the right artist.....

Use our tattoo studio finder to locate artists studios near you and either give them a call, pop in for a chat or visit their website. Many women ask "does it hurt?" I can give you two accounts based on my own experience of seeing women having tattoos done and they are both at the extremes of the scale. My wife said the pain was akin to childbirth - but worse! (drama queen)
I've also seen a lady being tattooed whom to look at and listen to, you would think she was just having a relaxing manicure done - and i'm not exxagerating it. The pain is differet for different people in different people.

When my wife Natalie and I, went together for her first (and only) tattoo, I was 90% sure, she was going to "Feel it" less than me - after all, she's a woman and us men are really big babies when it comes to pain (or having sniffles or similar).

Some studios and artists may use a numbing gel. Never having used it, i wouldn't know its' worth although my artist doesn't really recommend it due to the time it takes to work and the length of time it is effective. Personally, i'd just rather sit there, grit my teeth for the first 10 minutes and wait until my bodies endorphins kick in.

My last piece of personal advice boys and girls, is to think very carefully and sensibly before having the name of a loved one (other than pets, animals or blood relatives) tattooed anywhere on your body. I.e. boyfriends, girlfriends, wife, husband or fiancé. No matter how in-love you are or how "forever" you think it is going to be, you are gonna look pretty dumb should the worse happen. Over and above this, i'd reccomend having something that represents your relationship worked into a tattoo. Not that this is anymore less-permanent, but at least it saves you having to have cover-ups, removals or a future partner "put up" with someone elses name staring them in the face in bed every night.

One more thing to consider.....

This goes for any first timer and is my opinion and that of many many other tattooed people all over the world. Ask your Tattooists opinion on this tit-bit;
Too many Tattoo first-timers or relative newcomers to the world of tattoos, choose small designs in places that will later only end up being covered up as you realise that you have wasted prime space such as upper arm areas, middle of back, middle of forearms etc etc.

It's maybe a tough call over "am i going to get addicted to tattoos in any way?" and "can i take a bigger piece and the pain"? I've actually yet to meet anyone who will admit that they have "A tattoo" that they regret having had done. Maybe it's old, faded or needs renewing or covering, I've never met anyone who has had only the one and regretted it although they must be out there somewhere.

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