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Please remember, it's contribution by visitors that is going to not only help the site to grow, but to make it more appealing and worth recommending for all aspects of the Tattoo community, primarily here in the UK.

I'll accept links to anything tattoo related. At the moment, there are pages that relate specifically to find a studio, featured studios, tattoo supplies, and coming soon are galleries.

If you as an artist want your own dedicated page or want to hold the featured artists page or submit your portfolio, then please, get in touch with me. Content, questions or comments can be sent via email to, or by by snail-mail to the above address.

What do i want...?

Please don't send plaguerised material over which you have no rights. If you have essays, stories, research, opinions or projects related to Tattooing, Tattoos and Body Art in general, let me have it. This site is all about the UK tattoo scene. I've used other resources for the content of this site at points and where i have - i have fully acknowledged the original author and/or source.

If you have an ongoing sleeve and want it documented, let me know. If you are looking for an apprenticeship and want your designs showing off, then get in touch. If you're going for a world record, let me shout it out for you. Know of any tattoo news - someone famous getting tattooed or you have pictures of them being inked, then get in touch.


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