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Body Modification

Mr. Rafti is best known for his book, "The Body Piercing Encyclopedia", which is a 340+ page compilation of information contributed by many members the body modification community.

Mr. Rafti is the recipient of letters of thanks for his contributions to improving body modification safety from a number of US Government agencies, and has made a significant contribution to making his work available free of charge world wide through Wikipedia.

Mr. Rafti is currently working with legislators in Suffolk County NY to revise the body modification laws. Mr. Rafti is also credited with creating the "Body Modification Code of Ethics", various gauge charts, a hypoallergenic test for jewelry, a glove-sizing chart, and even with inspiring the BME encyclopedia. Mr. Rafti was subject to a very biased interview on BME that started off claiming he has made baseless attacks against the APP, but then turned around and published a twelve page letter from the APP secretary that is strong supporting evidence that Mr. Rafti was understating the level of unprofessionalism in the APP. Mr. Rafti is also in possession of the complete unedited interview that he gave Mr. Larratt, regrettably as this occurred Mr. Larratt was losing his grip on reality which resulted in what he refers to as stress induced seizures.

Mr. Rafti researched the study that the Suffolk County board of health conducted, found the board to be mostly incompetent, and shortly after challenging them to defend themselves learned that a significant percentage of the board of health resigned (according to the ACLU)- before Mr. Rafti requested them to resign! Mr. Rafti previously requested that Sky Renfro of the APP be let go for violating APP rules however they were unwilling to discuss any wrongdoing on their part, and now have a documented pattern of helping several high ranking members to ignore membership guidelines (Sky Renfro, Phish and others who are unnamed), which is a violation of their charter.

In response to his increased awareness of how mental health issues are undermining meaningful communication in the body arts Mr. Rafti traveled to Switzerland to meet with many mental health care specialists, at the symposium held on the occasion of Dr. Hofmann’s 100th birthday. The result of the trip is that Mr. Rafti quickly developed an amicable business relationship with the likes of Sasha and Ann Shulgin, and Mark McCloud; and wrote the often-quoted article “The Flower Bloome

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