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Mum, Dad, Gran or the dog... ...?


So who's first, the kids, granddad in his favourite chair, Robbie Williams eating an oatcake, the dog, kids or the king? Some artists relish in portraits, others don't, so as always, choose your tattoo artist wisely. Don't be neccessarily persuaded with a grunt of "yeah, i love doing portraits" and "i'll do you a brilliant one". Ask to see examples of their work, ask what they think of the pictures you've chosen and be preared to travel to a worthwhile artist.

Sadly, i've seen too many artists that talk a great tattoo and with something that's potentially as personal as a portrait, i think it's even more important you play it safe and wise.

Some tattoo artists will drop pearls of wisdom such as "a portrait means a lot more work and effort". Sorry, but any decent worth-paying artist should be putting 100% effort into every tattoo they do, either that or have the balls to hang up their clip cord for the day instead of turning out poor work.

Especially when i was younger, i had too many tattoos done that fell into this scenario. Four in total, which it has to be said, sadly knits into the subject of this page right now - very neatly. Cover Ups. If only these artists some seventeen years ago, had had any scruples whatsoever, not only should they have at least asked me for ID (as i was only 16/17) before getting on with it, but if they were having as a bad a day as it subsequently seems they were having, they should have refused to soldier on and packed up their machines for the day.

If you have a portrait portfolio you want including in this site or have a photo of some work you've had done, please feel free to get in touch.


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