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Free Tattoo Website

Contact if you want a free tattoo studio website.

I'm not going to try and coerce you into believing all kinds of nonsense, bullsh1t or similar. The chances are, if you've found your way to this page, then your 90% sure that you need a website designing and don't want to be ripped off.

My name is Andy Ramsden (aka Ramy, or Rammy). I'm the man behind Get Inked and also the webmaster for Eternal Images (Run by Billy Feather). This is me with my princess:

andy ramsden tattoo website design services

I'm a normal everyday guy who happens to be a real fanatic of two things - being tattooed AND getting worthwhile artists up there in the search engine rankings if they deserve to be. What i offer to anyone looking for a great website, is a free website in return for great tattooing free.

If you are looking for a tattoo studio website / e-portfolio and can handle website traffic upwards of 5500 unique visitors per month (that's 5500 different people viewing around 24000 pages off your site per month!) that are coming through the door from tattoo related searches not via unsavoury methods or un-related keywords, and can offer me great custom tattoo artwork, then please, get in touch with Andy now. Andy is also up for being a canvas for any tattoo exhibitions / conventions / contests.

I'm more than willing to thrash out an agreement on paper whereby neither of us gets ripped off or gets any less out of the bargain. If you want to know what you could expect, then i'll tell you about my work with Billy Feather of Eternal Images and how it all got started: (Feel free to ask Billy about any of the work i've done for him)

So, just what can i do for you...?

Well, the site I designed and built for Billy at Eternal Images, as it stands now, took over 100 hours. Any half-decent designer will charge at least £20.00 per hour for this kind of work and that's just for the site and no ongoing optimization. (I.E. getting your site moving up the search engine rankings)

Eternal Images receives week on week, an ever growing amount of visitors. The figures from the start of 2007 to the end of May show total visitors of around 13,200. May saw 4387 unique visitors to that site. "Tattoo websites" "Cover up tattoos" "Maori style tattoos" "Tattoo studio in yorkshire" "tattoo studio in..." It's the top result for every major town in the area and turns up in the top results for a lot of towns where there are other studios - Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Doncaster, York etc etc

Don't be ripped off....

Anyone can write a website. There's a whole host of "Special deals" and "website hosting specialists" who will offer you the earth at one all inclusive price. All you'll likely end up with is a good looking front page (if you're one of the lucky few) and a site that simply never gets found unless someone types in your business name - chances are, they'll come across This site before they do yours anyway. Ask any person who knows anything about website design - the key is not in getting a great site (although obviously it helps) but the main work is getting the site up the rankings, reciprocal links and quality content for the search engines.

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