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Uh-oh - diabetic and want a tattoo?

No, there's no uh-oh at all.

I'm diabetic - type 1 on 4 insulin jabs per day. I've asked about tattoos and diabetes and whilst i was not categorically told there's no concerns, i was offered the following advise. As with any wound on a diabetic, a tattoo has the potential for infection which can in some instances cause problems for diabetics. Slow wound healing can be a complication of diabetes. As with any person who has a fresh tattoo, absolute cleanliness is paramount. In my own personal experience, wound healing was not noticably longer than before i was a diabetic.


Some people recommend using preparation h (yes, the pile cream) and swear by it for speeding up healing and keeping the wound clean. I've tried it and found no benefit although i wouldn't neccessarily say it was not worth trying - if you fancied it. I used to use, a dettox wound spray which was in a pum action bottle (about 150ml) but recently fr my last four five sessions, i've not been able to find it anywhere - savlon do one that's similar but it's a bit soapy and foamy. I'll stick with just washing with antibacterial handwash when i'm in the shower (daily) and once full scabs are fomed use Vaseline intensive care cream or similar to keep the skin moist. My scabs are 80% gone by day 9 and by 14 days are usually completely gone ut with dry skin remaining that i moisturise with vaseline skin care or similar.

Diabetic tattoo design

One further thing emains on the subject of Diabetes and Tattooing. Like i said, i'm type 1 diabetic (insulin dependant) and i'm looking for a design for a tattoo that encorporates a recognisible tattoo that can alert a medic / doctor to the fact that i'm Diabetic. Something that maybe incorporates the Cadaceus sybmol that is worldwide synonomous with Medic and Medic alerts. I'd like something that can be tattooed onto possibly the wrist area or forearm. I can't go too big for nwo due to my job but i'm quietly confident that they'll approve a tattoo that's non-offensive, there for a medical reason and isn't too big!

If you can help, drop me a line - this has been in my mind for over 6 months now and i need some great design skills and help to get this onto skin. I'd do a press relsease for the artist and offer it to Diabetes UK, local news etc so it could also be good for business - very good!

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