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Black & Grey Tattoo Work

Fine detail, hard work and great results...

Any true Tattoo 'Artist' will generally truly enjoy (or at least appreciate) the challenge of a Black & Grey piece and quite often, there is nothing quite as challenging to the artist than making the Black and Grey piece actually work. Click here to find a tattoo studio by county in the UK.

It's all good and well getting the outline right, but choosing the right needle for the finer work, shading and tone along with actually using the needle and ink effectively, is another deal altogether.

Don't forget that some tattoo artists will specialise in freehand work too so don't be afraid to bring in that old Black and White / Sepia photograph, fantasy poster, album cover or Religious sketch and talk to the artist. If it can be done as a Tattoo, any decent artist will want to do it for you and will be prepared to spend a little time talking it over. In fact, if it can't or shouldn't be done as a Tattoo, any self respecting and decent tattoo artist should give it to you straight rather than do it just to get your money. I haven't been tattooed yet by an artist that i know would rather turn a job away than put their name to something that isn't going to end up looking great - but i'm assured by others (and the ink they wear) that there are many an unscrupulous artist out there that will just ink you regardless.

If you need tattoo supplies to help you perform great Black and Grey work such as that featured on this page, then don't forget to visit our tattoo supplies section and the tattoo store for tattoo related merchandise.

Black and Grey Gallery.

All of the below Tattoos on this page, were done by Ron "Big Daddy" Meyers. Copyright is held by Ron Meyers on all of the below images which are kindly reproduced here with great thanks from Get Inked.

I've seen some okay shading and fine line work in my time, but if you want to see just how great fine line, wash and shade work can look, then feast your eyes on the following by Multi-Award-Winning Tattoo Artist, Ron Meyers. These are something to aspire to for all tattoo artists. I only wished i lived closer to someone like Ron with great tattoo skills and artistic ability.

Someone coined a great phrase (and lots claim to be that someone), and that is;

"A great tattoo isn't cheap and a cheap tattoo isn't great".

You get what you pay for in any tattoo and while price shouldn't neccessarily be the sole deciding factor on who you use, the above bears some truth in the grand scheme of things.. Talk to the artist, check out the studio, talk to previous clients and scrutinise their portfolio. Great Tattoo artists won't mind you doing so and particularly with Black and Grey pieces, be prepared for a long and hard session or sessions. The amount of detail and work that goes into pieces like the above is not to be sniffed at.

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