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My name is Andy Ramsden (aka Ramy, or Rammy). I'm the man behind Get Inked and also the webmaster for Eternal Images (Run by Billy Feather). This is me with my princess:

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I'm a normal everyday guy who happens to be a real fanatic of two things - being tattooed AND getting worthwhile artists up there in the search engine rankings if they deserve to be. What i offer to anyone looking for a great website, is a free website in return for great tattooing free.

To read all about me, Andy, read on:


Written by Andy.

I grew up in a small town called Leek in Staffordshire. I went to East Street Primary School (now called Leek County First School), Churnet View Middle School and finally, Leek High School, where it has to be said that the reports were all basically spot on when they said "could do better" and "has the ability to do well", although there only a few teachers whom i recall with any degree of happiness (see below).

This page is primarily intended so that anyone searching for my name and any of the above school names, workplaces i attended or locations i have lived, (namely Leek and Scunthorpe) can hopefully find me via Google.

After leaving school with not the best qualifications in the world but not as bad as many of the teachers would have bet money on, i embarked on the "done thing". Yes, i went on a YTS training scheme. I wasted just over a year of my life earning £56.00 a week for 59 hours (that's only a basic £29.00 a week for the first 40 hours) on a placement at Midco (Leek) Ltd.

Then i did a stint as a temp at Victoria Mill packing gloves before having my final Leek job, Fork Lift driver at Marling Industries Leek (Marling Leek Ltd).

Whilst Leek has its' charms - especially when one looks back having been left for seventeen years, I don't know if i could ever go back to that small town feel. Scunthorpe is by no means massive - it's only a town but in comparison - it's just more up to date. Looking back at the nightlife, the only part i miss is the fact that you could do a tour of your favourite high street / market place haunts and not really have walked very far at all. It's taxi here and taxi there in Scunthorpe unless you fancy an hours walk!

Anyway in Scunthorpe, i've worked at / for, the following:

CCL Industries
Next Dimension PLC (no longer exists)
Linpac Automotive
Concept Websites (link not deserved)

I've also done work at home through the Open University in a Certificate of Mathmatics and a Certificate in Social Sciences, resulting in "proper" letters after my name which i'm most proud of:
CertSocSci (Ou) So anyone thinking of writing to me, please add that after my name - it'll make my day cos i never get the chance tu "use" my letters! lol


Andys first tattoo experience was at Garys Tattoo in Hope Street Hanley when i was 16/17. Funnily enough i wasn't even asked my age, never mind for proof of it. I only really decided to get a tattoo because two lads I went to school with had one done and i thought it would make me look "hard". This resulted in my filling up prime "upper-arm canvas" which has only recently been finally covered up with something decent by Billy.
Second, Third and Fourth were equally as dismal. Respectively a cartoon man drinking beer, a vulture and a winged serpent. All done at Garys. I have to say that looking back, i'm sure i got not-the-best work because i was so young. I remember on my third or fourth visit his mums dog got run over outside the studio and i was left being tattooed by one of his mates??!!!?

I then, prior to leaving Staffordshire went to Gentle John's in Hanley. This is the second best artist i have ever been too in my life and the studio was the best i'd ever walked into at that time. I got a great dragon done on the back of one shoulder by John and if i still lived in Leek / Staffordshire, dare say i'd have been a regular for years now.

Since being in Scunthorpe, I have had a warrior-ess on my opposite shoulder-back by Pete Sheriff and a design that my daughter and I put together - on my foot by ABH tattooing. Since then, i've found a great artist at Eternal Images of Goole. Namely, Billy Feather. Billy did me a great cover up on two arms, (both turning into full upper sleeves) and is now working on re-working my back and transforming it into a full back piece. I upkeep Billys website, webcam etc and have brought him great increases in deserved traffic.

Here's a few tattoo pictures of me:

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